How is the Big Society going to work in times of cuts?

It's the question on a lot of people's minds, especially with the spending review announcement on Wednesday.

So we went straight to the source and asked the people you'd most expect to be 'being' the Big Society already...volunteers.

Over 1,500 volunteers or people wanting to volunteer responded to our survey when we asked them what they thought of the Big Society and what would get more people volunteering. Here's what they said...

  • 89% like one or more of The Big Society plans
  • But 70% remain confused or cynical
  • 73% want volunteering to be made easier
  • Employers giving staff time off to volunteer is the top thing they think will encourage more volunteering
  • Training community organisers came top of the list of Big Society plans that appealed the most
  • But out of those less than half want to be trained as a community organiser themselves.

Here's what the BBC made of our survey today. And here's the full story

What do you think? Could you, would you be one of Cameron's 5,000 community organisers? If your employer gave you time off to volunteer would that really spur you on to do more volunteering?