Not everyone loves pink

It's not often I get on my soap box but right now I'm tapping away extremely hard on my poor keyboard a little disgruntled.

Why? Last week I read two articles in different newspapers (but by the same person actually) and they're still irritating me. The jist of the articles are that Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) is getting too much publicity over other cancers, that it's scaremongering and, that with all the lovely pink things you can buy it even makes it the 'fun' cancer.

True enough it's massive - everything is pink at the moment. BUT, can a good cause ever have too much publicity? It's a marketing campaign (the 'fun' stuff is there because it appeals to that particular audience). Couldn't other cancer charities club together and have a campaign month? Perhaps that's what the writer is getting at.

In an ideal world every organisation that's fighting its cause would have equal publicity but it often comes down to who shouts the loudest. And you too can shout loud (or just be a crucial part of a cause) by volunteering.

Come on....I had to get volunteering in here somehow didn't I?