Hold on to your hats

This morning's journey into work was a bit blustery to say the least. I was truly glad I didn't have to walk across London Bridge - that seemed a scary prospect after literally being blown to work.

But, I digress. Although I was blown around a bit, I must say, it's great to swish through the leaves and get the rain on your face. It's refreshing (even though your hairstyle leaves a lot to be desired). So, I was thinking, wouldn't it be good to get out in the fresh air volunteering?

Wrap up, get your wellies on and volunteer outdoors with organisations like BTCV and The National Trust. You don't have to volunteer for hours on end - you can do them one-off if you like too.

Find out other ways to use your gardening skills for organisations like WRVS or Age UK here

Forget the hairstyle. Get outside and get some fresh air.