I want a mo

I'm feeling a bit left out. There's not many things us women can't do but growing a moustache is one of them and I'm not talking having a bit more facial hair than you're happy with!

Movember sees men far and wide growing beautiful moustaches to raise awareness of men's health and in particular prostate cancer. Sadly, one man dies every hour from prostate cancer in the UK. 

Damien (aka Head of Online & Technical Systems) is growing a mo for Movember and I'm sure will update us with progress (i.e. pictures) on the blog. He's got his own Mo Space

The funds raised through Movember’s UK campaign benefit the The Prostate Cancer Charity (TPCC) - the UK’s leading prostate cancer charity.

So, men - get growing a mo. Ladies, support a man growing a Mo by joining a group and becoming a Mo Sista (I have). Or find out about how you can volunteer with The Prostate Cancer Charity.