The goose is getting fat

It's only eight days until Christmas. Are you still looking for volunteering?

We'd suggest you start looking around early- that sounds a bit ridiculous but it's such a popular time to volunteer, you need to get in there quick. If you just haven't had a chance to get around to it, but you're still keen to get away from the turkey and port and do something a bit different, here are our top tips:

- Search our website - if you type Christmas into the keyword, it should come up with something locally

- Get in touch with your local volunteer centre - if you haven't already, sign up with us and we'll match you to your local volunteer centre

- Contact your local community centre - they're bound to need your help over Christmas

Hopefully, you'll get to do something but if you don't - start looking now for the New Year. Volunteering isn't just for Christmas - get some ideas here.

Happy volunteering!