Volunteering over Christmas

If you’re anything like me as the weather turns colder you will find it harder to get out of bed in the mornings.

On my way to work the other day, thinking about my warm bed, I walked past someone who was sleeping rough. It was an icy cold morning and had snowed the day before. I felt so guilty. Not so much because I'd woken up in a warm bed but that I had become complacent, something that happens when you live in a city like London.

3600 people slept rough last year in London alone. I decided that I wanted to do something.

I have since applied to volunteer with Crisis over the Christmas season, the national charity for single homeless people. They provide vital companionship, hot meals and warmth, and a wide range of essential services that homeless people often miss out on.  

If you want to do something for homeless people at this time of year check out our website where you can get some ideas.