A taste of spring

When I was mulling over what kind of volunteering to do over the cold Christmas holidays, I couldn’t help but be drawn in by the cheerful daffodil on Marie Curie’s logo. An early taste of spring, so I decided to have a closer look…

Marie Curie provide care through nurses and doctors and other health professionals for around 29,000 cancer patients in their homes and communities. They also support the patient’s families. Not wanting to depress anyone, but with 1 in 3 of us developing cancer at some point in our lives, it’s no doubt a hugely important service – and one I really wanted to contribute to.

They’re currently recruiting 20,000 volunteers to help with their Great Daffodil Appeal in March and there are lots of different ways to get involved. You could just wear something yellow to show your support, join in collecting money in your local area, organise a collection, or for those with extra energy (and talent), Dance the Daffodil Dance! - more info on their website. Personally, I was in the mood for getting involved quite a bit, get a better idea of what goes on behind the scenes and learn some new skills while I’m at it. So I decided to apply as a Collection Organiser.

What it means is that I’ll be organising the collectors in my local area in West London, draw up a schedule of who’s collecting when and where on the day, generally making sure that the collectors have what they need, and have a good time – so I’m sure there'll be tea and cake involved and if we're lucky a bit of warm sunshine too! I'm quite excited to get started actually. I haven't volunteered for a couple of years and it feels good to be part of something again. I'll make sure to keep you posted how I get on, and if you want to join in the spring feeling have a look at their website to register as a volunteer yourself.