Eyes on Modern Slavery

With the 2012 Olympics coming up there has been a lot of talk of the increased numbers for human trafficking.

Whilst many will come willingly, others will not, recruited by deception or coercion for exploitation before, during, and after the Games for sexual exploitation, forced labour, and other forms of abuse.

It is quite shocking to think that something that is meant to be this international celebration can bring so much injustice with it. Stop Trafficking in London is working with schools in the five Olympic boroughs to raise awareness of this and particularly modern slavery. 

To make this happen they need around 25 young volunteers to go into schools and run workshops.  All volunteers will get full training and support; they are looking to do training in mid-February, so if you’re interested sign up by emailing them and they will send you our project pack which includes all the information you need. 

To read more about the global campaign and to take action click here.