Know your QTS from your PGCE?

When I started working for an education charity a few years ago, it took me a good while to get my head around all the different terms and acronyms.

Get in touch with the TDA so you can find a TTP for your PGCE and while you're at it, check out the TES, join NASWUT, NUT or the ATL... If that's baffling to someone who's lived in this country for most of her life, imagine what a newly arrived refugee would feel like. Close to giving up I suspect.

The Refugee Council has 432 refugees registered with their Refugees into Teaching Programme who have a teaching qualification from their home country. 143 are unemployed and 87 are employed in non school related roles. If that seems like a real waste of talent to you, you could sign up to become a mentor for one of those refugees.

TimeBank is working with the The Refugee Council to recruit teachers, teaching assistants, trainee teachers, and ex-teachers who can offer voluntary mentoring support to refugee teachers in London. You can use your expertise to help them negotiate the education system and it's a great way to work on your mentoring skills too.