Tickle your fancy

This won't help you shed a stone or quit smoking but for those of you who put 'do some volunteering' on your list of things to do in 2011, how about a nice read of Mr Tickle to ease you into things.

As part of their Evolving English exhibition, The British Library is asking people to read Roger Hargreave's Mr Tickle to populate their Voice Map. There's a science behind why they picked Mr Tickle, something to do with the range of sounds it contains when you read it out loud,  it's not just to make you smile. The Voice Map is being created as part of some research into how language works by analysing different accents and migration patterns. You can either read the story at the museum or record your voice online by clicking here where you'll find a printable copy.

After reading Mr Tickle, I'm sure you'll feel spurred onto to do many more great deeds so why not take a peek  at our get started pages for ideas of what kinds of volunteering you can do. Or, search for voluntering near you by typing your postcode in the box on the top right of your screen where you'll also be able to read feedback from people who've already done it.

 If reading the whole of Mr Tickle cover to cover is feeling like a bit of a push you have the option of reading just six words.