Cameron 'down with the kids'

David Cameron is urging 16 year olds to register to get involved in the National Citizen Service - through Facebook.

Launched during the election campaign, it's a big part of Cameron's vision to empower communities and encourage volunteering.

The idea is that young people will be able to get involved in pilot schemes in 12 areas across the country, learning about teamwork, leadership skills and assisting community projects.

We've already seen the big impact young people can have in their communities through our online networking plaform for young people - Junction49 

Junction49 gives young people the chance to set up a community project for a cause that matters to them - with support from us of course. So, if you know a young person that wants to run their own project, tell them about it.

If they're not able to take part in the National Citizen Service due to limited places (there are plans to expand) Junction49 could be right up their street.