Peer Pressure

Following the fatal stabbing of her brother Ben three years ago Brooke has campaigned on the issue of knife crime.

In her report yesterday Brooke Kinsella, who was appointed as a Government advisor last year, calls for more work with young people before they become susceptible to peer pressure.

I support Brooke's thinking here, peer pressure is possibly the most powerful driver of behaviour. That's why our platform for young people, Junction49 is peer led. Young people can come up with their own ideas for a project or activity they can develop or run that addresses issues in their lives and communities.The platform facilitates peer support as other Junction49ers can volunteer to help out on the project or provide advice. They're also supported by on-site facilitators who also provide help via telephone, twitter and facebook.

Junction49 has already supported a few knife crime related projects led by young people, and the latest is JPeace_music's The Piece or Peace idea. JPeace has created a CD, consisting of other musicians on almost each track and over 300 voices speaking out against knife and gun crime which he now wants to press and distribute for free.

The more small actions led by and directly involving young people that can be supported the greater chance of reaching out and educating young people, in a way they will trust and listen, on the foolishness of violence and the devastation knife crime causes. Small actions multiplied by a lot of people can be built into real and lasting change. And as well as the impact of the project itself, the experience of collaborating with others and shaping what you want to change develops life skills and confidence.

Are you a young person with an idea for doing good in your community or an issue you want to tackle? Or maybe you know a young person whose ideas and energy could be turned into positive action through the support and peer collaboration  of Junction49.

If that sounds like you then head over to Junction49 and start making a difference.