Junction49er Laura-Liz wins Young Achievers award

Laura-Liz Partoon, 20 an active Junction49er has been involved in several community volunteering projects whilst being hard at work as a student.

On average, she manages 100-200 hours of volunteering per month - an intimidating feat. The list of voluntary ventures itself she's either fronted or been involved in since the age of 13 is vast and impressive. Yet each project holds a special place in Laura-Liz’s heart. Her bravery and her dedication to her projects during her school and university years make her a genuinely worthy winner of the Young Achievers 20-25 Community Award. Her first projects have covered a variety of issues including mental health, disability and young people.

Sarah, my TimeBank colleague and Laura-Liz’s nominator, speaks very highly of Laura-Liz, explaining why she was nominated: “Laura-Liz is an exceptional young person who never ceases to amaze with her commitment and passion for the causes she believes in. She is incredibly busy with all her volunteering but always finds the time to offer support to other young people to help them deliver their own projects. She is a true inspiration to all of us.”

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