Semantics and definitions

Semantics around what is and isn’t volunteering are always a worry. 

I think it is vital now when so many volunteer support organisations ranging from local volunteer centres to national infrastructure organisations are losing their funding come the end of this financial year.

Internships, work experience, volunteering, voluntary work and working without pay in a profit making organisation -can you tell me what is and what isn’t volunteering?  

This recent article in the sector press Poundland denies using volunteers in its shops where they deny using volunteers but said that they use unpaid jobseekers in 'on the job training'.

In case you are confused, a handy document exists that has been published by the Volunteering Stakeholder Forum.  Please feel free to click through and use this really valuable resource The Principals of Volunteering.  The document endeavours to answer and define what volunteering is and what it isn’t.

Be it big or small we are all a part of our society so lets make sure it’s a fair one.