Does anyone say dib dib anymore?

In London alone more than 7,000 young people are currently on club waiting lists and there are thousands more right across the UK.

They are waiting to join organisations like the Air Training Corps, Army Cadet Force, Boys Brigade, Community Fire Cadets, Girls Brigade, Sea Cadet Corps, St John Ambulance as well as the Scouts and the Girl Guides of course because there aren’t enough adult volunteers to help run the groups.

Summer is on its way and what better way to get involved and get into the outdoors through this kind of volunteering.  There are so many benefits for the young people that take part in uniformed groups and evidence shows that the young people who do participate in uniformed groups have better school attendance and attainment, and are less likely to offend or behave in an anti-social manner.

If you don't like uniforms, you could always volunteer with the Woodcraft folk - read what a volunteer said about it on our website.

Come on then, dib dib and all that.