It's a dogs life

Love dogs? Have experience looking after them and live in the Greater London area? This could be the volunteering you've been looking for...

The Dogs Trust has just launched The Freedom Project. In the UK there are around 5.15 million households that own a dog and research has shown that there's a link between animal abuse and domestic violence.

So, The Dogs Trust has just launched The Freedom Project. It's a pioneering pet fostering scheme set up for women who have experienced domestic violence and are going into refuges or temporary accommodation. They temporarily place their dog that's at risk with a volunteer foster carer who will care for them in their own home until they can be safely reunited with their owner.

There's lots of support if you choose to be a pet foster carer and the charity will even pay for all pet food and vets bills will be free. If you're interested in getting involved, find out more on the Dogs Trust website.

Find out more about ways to volunteer on our website if you don't live in London but would like to volunteer with animals or want to join the fight against domestic violence