Who doesn't want to volunteer?

If you're reading this blog its unlikely you're part of the 61% of the population who've never volunteered. This figure comes fresh from recent research commissioned by Parkinson's UK to mark this week's Parkinson's Awareness Week

So, would you be surprised to hear that:

- Out of the 2,000 British adults asked, 32% said they were not interested in helping charities.

- Half of them said they had never fundraised before, and

- 61% said they had never volunteered

- Given a choice, 43% of them would rather volunteer than fundraise, with 25% saying they'd rather fundraise. 32% said they would do neither.

To try to encourage these people to volunteer, Parkinson's UK are coming up with different ways of volunteering. Find out what they've got on offer here

Perhaps the 'non volunteers/fundraisers' around us just aren't aware of the benefits; the fact you can make a massive impact on someone's life, increase skills for your CV, meet new people. But of course, you don't need reminding.

Well, now it's up to us to tell them.