Boys, boys, boys

It's a big generalisation but I would say us ladies are the ones who like to shop 'till we drop. Well, now it seems more men are hitting the shops. 

Unfortunately, it's not to get out that credit card and buy us lovely More men are volunteering in charity shops, at least for the British Heart Foundation anyway.

BHF's latest volunteering stats show that a third of all volunteers in shops are now men. This is a massive 100% rise in men volunteering. It could be down to unemployment going up (if you're reading this you already know how great volunteering can be for your skills) or that there are more BHF furniture and electical stores, traditionally manly areas (apparently!).

But, whatever the reason, it's great and long may it continue. Whoever you are, many organisations would value your time in their retail shops. Take a look at information on our website about finding your local charity shop. Or if you'd like to volunteer for a BHF shop, sign up here.