Volunteering on water

British Waterways has reported that volunteering for their organisation has increased by two-thirds in the last year. They are the body that is responsible for the upkeep of Britain's 2,200 network of canals and rivers.

Clearly that's a lot of mileage for one organisation to cope with and maintain, so they rely on the help of volunteers to keep our waterways safe and accessible for everyone to enjoy.

If you're not an out-doorsy sort of person and not keen on hard, physcial labour, then there's plenty of other volunteering activities you can get involved in. If you're a bit of a boffin on the quiet then you can indulge in a bit of historic research or there's working the front-desk at one of the canalside museums. Other opportunities include assisting with restoration or helping out on a community boat, enthusing the local population about the heritage of our waterways.

And this isn't just the domain of country-folk. Did you know that half of the population live within five miles of a canal or river?

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