Putting Junction49 on the map

Our youth programme, Junction49.co.uk inspires and supports young people aged 13-25 to set up and deliver projects, campaigns and events around the issues that matter to them. 

One of the best things about it is that any young person, no matter where they live, can access our online platform and get support from wherever they are in the UK. Thanks to our web developer, Ben, you can now see just how far we've reached with this map - which really does span the whole of the UK.

What we love is that because Junction49 is an online platform, geography is irrelevant to getting involved and supporting someone with their idea.  So whether they're one of the masses in London or Newcastle, or a lone Junction49er in Northern Ireland they can all still comment on each other's ideas, sharing advice through the marvel of the interweb, to set up some truly fantastic projects.

If you're aged 13-25 and want to set up your own project - Junction49 could be just what you're looking for.