Nunhead Cemetery Volunteering Day

TimeBank recently organised an employee volunteering day at Nunhead Cemetery for the Consumer Indirect Team at Everything Everywhere. Their task was to clear undergrowth and bushes – and to build a large pyramid for stag beetles! Their verdict: ‘A truly rewarding day in so many ways.  We recommend this activity and day to anyone.’

To support ‘giving something back’ our Consumer Indirect Team led by Roger Fletcher decided to help an amazing cemetery in Peckham with a day of hard labour.

Having arrived at the cemetery we were greeted by the warden, Jon, who looks after numerous parks around South London.  He was delighted by our support. Despite various bad backs, we had a strong team of  Roger, Andy, Jon, Matt, Ged, Kiran, Lotty, Jenny and Victoria. All ably assisted by Ian Wheatley from the Compliance and Fraud team.

Jon first took us for a tour of the cemetery. This was the greatest surprise of the day. We had no idea what a beautiful place this really was.  A fascinating Victorian Cemetery steeped in history and unbelievable monuments. The first grave was dug in 1840 and the final burial was about 100 years ago. It was then abandoned for many years and this neglect led to the cemetery changing from lawns to meadows and eventually woodland. It was reopened in 2001 after lottery funding and it is now a nature reserve.

We were set two tasks for the day: building a large log pyramid for stag beetles, then clearing undergrowth and bushes. Teams were allocated and the hard work began!

Stopping only for delivered pizzas which delighted the council staff, we worked through the day.

With a great deal of camaraderie and laughter (sometimes enough to wake the dead!) we finished the tasks. The best part of the day was the team work, undiscovered skills and the learning we can use back in the normal working environment. We are all in need of bonding and there really is no better way of seeing that come into practice than a hard day’s manual labour.

A truly rewarding day in so many ways.  We recommend this activity and day to anyone. Please try and help Nunhead Cemetery stay as peaceful and beautiful as it is now, and should be. We also challenge anyone to build a better log pyramid...


The Consumer Indirect Team!