Bring your skills, time, energy and passion to TimeBank!

Start the week as I mean to go on positive, upbeat and excited … about recruiting trustees. Volunteers who genuinely want to make a difference to your charity by bringing their skills, time, energy and passion.  As a CEO it’s a bit like being involved in recruiting your own boss! The last time TimeBank recruited, 85 people applied for five posts on the Board and they were so good we wound up appointing seven.  But that was four years ago, people are retiring and moving on and so is TimeBank. And  what better time to choose to launch our recruitment campaign than Trustees Week.

The role of a trustee is varied but what it’s not, at least not here at TimeBank, is just rocking up to a meeting four times a year and popping it on your CV, job done. No, what we want are people committed to our charity, passionate about volunteering and willing to get their hands dirty.  People who bring with them different skills, are willing to speak up for what they believe, who will be ambassadors for a charity that they hold close to their heart. Those of you who have read my blogs over the past 18 months will know it’s not been easy and we aren’t out of the woods yet, so this isn’t an easy gig. Money is hard to come by and I, like many other CEO’s in the sector, am permanently attached to a spreadsheet of one sort or another striving to make every penny go further. Of course we need people to scrutinise our numbers but we also want people helping us to increase them, people who understand mentoring and employee volunteering, business and governance and those who can help set our strategy for the next few years by challenging conventional ideas about volunteering.

Trustees are vital volunteers in our sector we need them to take responsibility for our charities to ensure they are governed well and that our CEO’s - whilst being challenged are also well supported – because believe me it is no myth that it’s lonely at the top! So if any or all of the above sounds like you then think about applying, it’ll be fun as well as challenging at times but you can play a part in changing volunteering and as a volunteer yourself surely you are the best placed to do that.

If I’ve convinced you, take a look through our application pack - and I look forward to hearing from you!