Becoming a TimeBank Trustee - volunteering to support volunteers!

We were delighted to welcome Lorna as one of our Trustees in January. She describes what inspired her to volunteer to join us.

Like a lot of people, 2012 was a big year for me in terms of volunteering. I moved house, meaning that I couldn’t stay as a Governor of the school I’d been working with for the last six years. I was lucky enough to work as a Gamesmaker at the Paralympic Games. And my eye was caught by an advert to say that TimeBank was looking for new Trustees.

As someone who was looking for a new volunteering opportunity, this seemed perfect. I knew of TimeBank’s great reputation through other charities I’d worked with professionally, and the idea of being a Trustee, with the opportunity to use some of my career skills in a positive way, really appealed. The selection process was tough – as it should be – and I was delighted to be offered a chance to join the Board of Trustees at the end of it.

Since then, everything I’ve learned about TimeBank has only made me more enthusiastic about working with them. The existing Trustees are passionate and supportive of the organisation, with a wealth of experience, and the other new Trustees seem every bit as keen as I am, with a range of extremely useful professional skills!

But most importantly, the commitment of the staff to TimeBank, and their belief in the value of volunteering and mentoring shines through in everything they do. The new Trustee induction to TimeBank last week was fascinating and informative, and the opportunity to meet the staff inspiring – clearly everyone loves their work, and feels strongly about how TimeBank can make a difference.

So many charities are finding it hard in the current funding environment – and TimeBank is no exception. But with such dedicated staff and supportive Trustees, there seems to me every reason to feel optimistic about the future. I’m very much looking forward to working with TimeBank as a Trustee, and hopefully seeing their amazing volunteering and mentoring work go from strength to strength.