There's been a great response to our Carers Together project

Our new project to support carers, Carers Together, has really got off the ground quickly.

There's been a great response to the call for carers to pass on their skills and experience by acting as online mentors to other carers.

It’s not surprising, given what we are hearing in the carers groups - changes in the benefits system and other changes affecting the services available to support carers are really starting to hit home. Experienced carers know this can be a time of great stress and are ready to lend a hand.

At the moment we are really focusing on recruiting face-to-face mentors in the Birmingham area as many of the carers we have met really want and value meeting someone and receiving support in that way.

We know carers are going through tough times - Carers Together offers someone to help think things through and make sure you get the best of what’s out there.

If you'd like to know more about the project, take a look here.