EE employees share their digital skills in local communities

TimeBank continues its partnership with EE (T-Mobile & Orange) to deliver a digital skills employee volunteering programme nationwide.

Within the programme we have delivered fun and informal events such as Techy Tea Parties when older guests can learn how to make the most of technology and the internet over a cuppa! However, this employee volunteering programme is not just about having a piece of cake and a chat about Facebook. Within the programme EE employees have shared their digital skills in a variety of ways – and they were recently out in Bristol as Technology Support Squad volunteers for the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).

As Technology Support Squad volunteers EE employees visit people who are blind and partially sighted to help them make the most of IT and technology in their homes and lead more independent lives. Ruth, a designer in EE’s Technology Directorate, has recently been on callout in Bristol to a RNIB client.

This lady wanted help transferring videos from her security CCTV system to a memory card. Sadly she needed the footage as evidence of neighbours causing malicious damage to her property. Ruth was happy to put her digital skills to good use in a new way.

Ruth said: “Lovely lady, she was very grateful for the help and generous with cups of tea!” Volunteers are contacted when there’s a beneficiary within a local radius, and then the volunteer calls them to arrange a visit. The callouts are on demand but average once or twice a month.

Through volunteering you can put your skills to good use, but it doesn’t mean you have to change your life. As in the case of Tech Support Squad volunteers at RNIB, you can fit volunteering around your schedule and make it part of your lifestyle. And most importantly a rewarding volunteering experience happens when a volunteer gives quality time and skills in their local community.