Skills-based volunteeering is great for local communities and volunteers

TimeBank has worked with EE since 2012 to deliver a digital skills employee volunteering programme nationwide. Our partnership began in 2006 when TimeBank started to provide T-Mobile’s employee volunteering programme, and over the years it has evolved towards skilled-based volunteering.

As part of this we’ve delivered fun and informal events such as Techy Tea Parties when EE employees show older guests how to make the most of technology and the internet over a cuppa!

Skills-based volunteering is a great way to connect with people most in need in your local community. The employee volunteers from EE support people who cannot get help from anywhere else, even their family. One guest who attended a Techy Tea Party in Merthyr, who said: “My volunteer was very helpful and patient (unlike my son!). I would recommend it”. And sharing your skills can boost other people’s confidence in learning new things, like one of the guests who attended a session in Paddington, who said: “I am confident in the future to use the internet instead of relying on other people”.

Sharing skills doesn’t just help people in the community; it also has significant benefits for employee volunteers. Whilst volunteering employees can develop leadership, decision-making and negotiation skills while making a genuine difference in the communities where they work. “It is a great feeling knowing you have helped someone, but to do it face to face is even more rewarding. This is such a fantastic thing we do and I hope it continues every month,” said one of the volunteers. That feel good factor is hard to beat!

We are working with EE to help deliver EE National Techy Tea Party Day onSeptember 9 at their offices across the country. If you would like to attend a Techy Tea Party and talk one to one with the EE volunteers, please email or call 020 3111 0728. There will be morning (10 am – 12 pm) and afternoon (2 pm – 4 pm) sessions, but spaces are limited so do get in touch soon if you are interested. We are helping at the following locations: Bristol, Doxford (Sunderland), Greenock, Hatfield, Merthyr Tydfil, Paddington, Plymouth.