Time to say goodbye

After a year and a bit at TimeBank, it’s time for me to say goodbye and introduce you to Sam, the new project co-ordinator for Leaders Together.

I’ve had a great time meeting all these really smart and passionate leaders of London’s social enterprises and charities, just as much I enjoyed meeting the inspiring mentors who are making Leaders Together such a successful project.

Four significant factors have made Leaders Together a very important project: firstly, there are lots of inspiring and passionate people who want to do good and help society. Unfortunately, some of these organisations have limited capacity and would love a mentor to brainstorm and plan with.

Secondly, there are lots of amazing people out there who like giving back by mentoring to support leaders of charitable organisations and without them and their input this project wouldn’t work.

Thirdly, TimeBank offers workshops to help develop various skills, like effective fundraising or publicity. Mentors and mentees pose questions and tell us what they want to learn about so we can design a course that is useful and effective for everyone involved.

Last but not least, it’s networking events that gets our mentors and mentees talking. They are  a good chance for our leaders to meet, widen their networks and have a fun time celebrating their milestones.

In the past year there have been several of these for Leaders Together:

  • 81% of mentees felt that their organisational leadership had improved while on the project
  • Out of 70% of mentees who signed up to improve their fundraising, 60% secured more funding
  • 91% of mentees said they achieved what they wanted during their mentoring period
  • 85% of mentors say that their understanding of issues faced by small charities and community organisation has increased

Two of our mentors also have decided to take on a more permanent role with their mentee organisations. One is now on the board of directors while Moira jumped on a barge one day and ended up as director of the November Project (read her story here)

These are great results, and we hope Leaders Together will give many more social enterprises and charities the chance of realising their potential.

What you can expect from us this year:

Leaders Together is matching more pairs this year. If your organisation would like to receive support, or you would be interested in volunteering as a mentor, take a look at our website.

I leave you in excellent  hands. If you have any questions about the project call Sam on 0203 111 0726 or email her at leaderstogether@timebank.org.uk