I volunteer as a trustee to support a cause I passionately believe in

Our trustees play a vital role, volunteering their time and working together to make important decisions about TimeBank's work. To mark Trustees' Week Peter Beeby talks about what drives his involvement.


I didn't really need to think long and hard about volunteering with TimeBank. I firmly believe in the value of volunteering - the desire to put your hand up and do something for someone else or a cause – I like to believe it is something innate in most of us, second nature.

What TimeBank does is facilitate this need – co-ordinate and organise it in a way that is valuable for the volunteer, for organisations engaged in volunteering and for those benefiting from the contribution of volunteers. I am also very interested in the projects TimeBank supports – my particular favourites include co-ordinating volunteers to befriend and support veterans and their families, and a project matching volunteer mentors with young people who are living with mental health issues.

I like being a trustee firstly because I am supporting a venture/cause I passionately believe in. This is what drives my contribution and my enjoyment volunteering for TimeBank.

Volunteering as a trustee utilises the skills and experience I have gained in my day job and is something I can do around my work. It enables me to be part of a team that supports the success of an organisation that has a direct impact on the lives of others. Hearing about the impact and success of the staff and volunteers of TimeBank gives me a real buzz and I am never short of something to say when advocating and promoting the work of TimeBank! I’m also a bit of a geek when it comes to good governance and process which I think really benefits the organisation and the Board.

I don’t just get a ‘lovely feeling’ out of being a trustee. It has been beneficial in building my confidence attending external meetings and contributing my thoughts and opinions. The Board at TimeBank is supportive and focused with a team of trustees from various backgrounds and experiences. I enjoy the respect and knowledge shared around the table – I learn something new at each meeting.

I wouldn’t be a trustee or volunteer unless I felt my contribution in some way, however small, makes a difference. As a trustee there are many ways to contribute – sharing my skills and knowledge from my previous experiences, promoting the organisation at events or reviewing and commenting on financial performance – big or small they all in some way make a difference to TimeBank. Ultimately my time volunteering as a trustee ensures good governance, supporting an organisation that enables others to volunteer safely, and in mutually rewarding way. 

TimeBank will be recruiting some more trustees to its Board in the New Year, so if you've been inspired, look out for our ad on the vacancies page.