Dipesh and Mr Bhimji

After a few months of holidays Dipesh decided he needed to do something worthwhile in his spare time. Searching on Gumtree he found Digitall. Dipesh thought this would be just the thing to share his knowledge of IT and get some skills along the way.

Dipesh was matched with Mr Bhimji, who knew nothing about computers. Dipesh saw this as a personal challenge though, he explains:

"Mr Bhimji didn't have any experience of using computers and because of this I thought I'd need to be really patient. What I take for granted is not obvious to Mr Bhimji. I've learnt to be patient in a way I never would have with friends or family."

Mr Bhimji has been really impressed with what he's learnt. He explains:

"The most I knew about computers was the word computer! Now I know lots more and am pleased I've learnt how to use the email." He continues "I'm really grateful for Dipesh's help, he's the best teacher I've ever had."

So, what next for Dipesh and Mr Bhimji? Although their mentoring sessions are coming to an end, Dipesh is pleased to have tried something different and has already seen the value of having 'mentor' on his CV.

Mr Bhimji lives nearby to the New Horizons centre in Chelsea so he's going to keep going to practise his new found skills and enjoy a cup of tea at the cafe at the same time.