Story - Hema and Penny

At 75, Penny thought it was about time she got online. Like a lot of her friends though she was hesitant about having a go herself, luckily the Digitall project and Hema came to the rescue!

Hema, 22, was looking for some volunteering and though Digitall would also be great for her CV as she wants to be a teacher.

After meeting for the 12 hours, Penny has become much more confident and uses the internet all the time. Now, rather than using the phone to find out about film or theatre times or write a letter, she uses the internet to book films and emails via Facebook. Penny says:

"Thanks to Hema I've been able to book flight tickets online so I can visit my family for Christmas and my grandson thinks I'm really cool now that I'm on Facebook! I never would have even attempted this without Hema's help - she's been so patient with me. I hope that I've helped her too and it's been brilliant fun spending time with Hema, we've both learnt a lot thanks to the Digitall project."

Hema is currently looking for a job and will be starting a teaching course next year but in the meantime she wanted to do something different and found volunteering meant she not only helped herself but she got lots of benefits too. Hema says:

"Volunteering through Digitall has been brilliant for me. I want to be a teacher so this has given me some really valuable experience. It's also been interesting getting to know someone older. I feel good knowing that I've helped Penny, she's a lot more confident with the internet now and it's nice to know that I played a part in that."