Ken and Marie

Sometimes you can be second time lucky. Marie Piggott had once before tried to get into the digital age and understand more about computers and the internet. Stepping into an internet cafe, Marie was really quite frightened. She followed instructions to log on but just didn't understand and left feeling defeated.

Marie then heard about Digitall, signed up and her mentor; Ken who volunteers for Digitall came to the rescue. Marie explains:

"It's been brilliant having one to one support. Ken has been really patient and now I don't feel frightened of the computer anymore. I've set up an email account so I can keep in contact with friends and I've booked flights online too."

Ken, a 24 year old chemical engineer had a bit of spare time on his hands and wanted to give something back to his local community. He's been really pleased with Marie's progress and his too! He says:

"It's been really interesting being a mentor to someone older, usually it's the other way round but it's given me a lot of confidence and has helped my communication skills plus it looks good on my CV too."

Ken and Marie are continuing their hours for Digitall and now that Marie's got lots more confidence she's also buying her own laptop so she can google to her heart's content.

Marie concludes: "Ken's been marvellous and I've loved being taught by someone younger - it's been great."