Ain't what you say - It's the way you do it

TimeBank wants to change the way people use their time to help solve social issues and guests were invited to explore different ways of getting people to change their behaviour.

At the second in our series of 'Ain't what you say' events we wanted to explore how the way things are designed can influence the way you act and feel.

The same can be said of volunteering - that's why we design great volunteering experiences that have a lasting impact.

We wanted guests to join us and find out how public, private and third sector organisations use design to change your experiences from good to great.

And we chose a venue that guests might not expect but would guarantee a great experience.

We think we did just that.

Wayne Hemingway, founder of Red or Dead, spoke about how design can be applied to anything to achieve a social impact – including volunteering.

Wayne's a firm believer in the value of volunteering - offering mentoring to all his staff. His latest venture, 'Vintage at Goodwood' festival will be made possible because of volunteers.

He also spoke about barbequed cats. But that's another story.

Q. How do you find out how TimeBank designs projects that really have an impact?

A. You play a board game with the people who know them inside out - us and our volunteers.

The board games show what it's like to volunteer on our youth, mentoring and employee volunteering programmes.

We design volunteering projects which channel people's enthusiasm - and people from all walks of life get something out of it.

Deborah Szebeko from award winning agency Thinkpublic ran a session on how to change people’s experiences by involving users in the design of services.

And we used an origami game to help guests get to grips with how this can be done.

Deborah shared her thoughts on the difference between consultation - what people like and co-design - giving people options and ownership.

Andrew is founder of Greyworld. He brought colour, music and fun to our event explaining how his team take everyday stuff; railings or bollards and change peoples experiences.

His public art does what it says on the tin - offering us ways to interact and improve our public spaces in unexpected ways.

It's our tenth anniversary so we'll be celebrating with a big birthday cake and using what we've learnt to achieve our vision of making volunteering the fabric of everyday life.

We're keen to carry on the conversations and start new ones. We're looking for new partners, funders and of course volunteers.

We'd love to hear from you. Drop Helen an email or call 020 7785 6450. Or if you fancy popping in we'll make sure we save you a slice of birthday cake.

"It was a great and original idea and I thought the speakers were excellent. The whole thing was beautifully run by a team that knew what it was about and the organisation was right on the button.”

“The event was by far the best I've been to in a long while (perhaps ever!) and that includes ours!!”

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