Lots of people use volunteering to try out a new area or interest. It can be a great way to see what a new career is like.

Take Sushila from Birmingham, volunteering made her realise that she wanted to make a career out of doing something more hands on, helping people. She now runs her own domiciliary care company.

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Volunteering helped me break away from the hard core corporate world and showed me a life beyond my career.

It's also a great way to put your professional skills to good use.

Our very own Chief Executive Helen Walker drew on her fundraising skills from when she was a Director of Fundraising to help someone secure £15,000 worth of funding to set up his own charity and realise his dream of helping other refugees find work.

Idea - General - Professional Skills

Something that comes second nature to me has helped someone set up a great project that is giving back to the community and helping vulnerable people.

To help you find the right thing to match the skills you want to use or gain, take a look at the broad themes.

If you want something more general though, Reach works across the UK and hand selects opportunities that match your skills and interests. Whether you’ve got experience in management, IT, marketing, accountancy, project management, HR, finance, or other areas – they can help.   

Again, if you want something more general you can think about being a trustee. Every charity needs trustees and you’ll play a vital role in keeping the charity fit for the future.

NCVO has a Trustee Bank and Reach also has a service called Trustee Works which helps organisations find great trustees and volunteers find satisfying trustee roles.

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