Support for small community organisations

National Association of Voluntary and Community Associations (NAVCA)

NAVCA is the national voice of local support and development organisations in England. They aim to strengthen voluntary and community action by supporting their members in their work with over 160,000 local charities and community groups.

The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI)

The FSI supports UK’s vibrant small charity sector by delivering learning, fundraising, conference and influencing opportunities free of charge. The FSI learning programmes encompass all of the key skills of fundraising and back office operations that allow a small charity to thrive. Every small charity is different, so an organisation can access the support that suits their needs. Any charity with a raised voluntary income of up to £1.5m can access FSI support for free.

Small Charities Coalition  

The Small Charities Coalition exists to help small charities access the skills, experience and resources they need to achieve their aims. They are like a voluntary sector matchmaking service, matching small charities with other organisations that have the skills, experience, and in some cases resources, that the small charity lacks.

London Voluntary Service Council (LVSC)

LVSC brings together and supports the 60,000 voluntary and community organisations in London to learn and share best practice and to create a coordinated voice to influence policy-makers. LVSC's vision is of a vibrant and sustainable city where the lives of Londoners are enhanced through voluntary and community action.

Charities Evaluation Services (CES)  

CES works to strengthen the voluntary sector through offering free and below-cost support and services to charities and community organisations. They do this by helping members of voluntary and community organisations develop their own approaches to making the quality of their services better. This is through establishing self-evaluation and quality systems, and improving the management of their organisations.

Third Sector Foresight 

This is an NCVO initiative to help voluntary and community organisations plan effectively for the future. It offers various resources including strategy and planning tools and by providing information about drivers affecting the voluntary and community sector.

Directory of Social Change

Directory of Social Change (DSC) is an independent charity whose vision is of an independent voluntary sector at the heart of social change. They achieve this by providing essential information and training to the voluntary sector, to support charities to achieve their mission.

Community Matters

Community Matters is a national membership organisation for community groups, support organisations, public bodies and individuals. Providing targeted, low-cost, practical support in a range of ways from free advice services to training and consultancy, Community Matters champions community and voluntary action at neighbourhood level.

Charity Builders

A unique interactive, free of charge service provided by Tennyson Insurance that helps charities and not-for-profit groups manage the essential, but sometimes tricky, subjects of HR and Health and Safety. CBUK doesn't just signpost advice, they actually help to produce documents like as contracts and policies keep organisations up to date with changes in legislation.

KnowHow NonProfit

The place for non-profit people to learn and share what they have learnt with others. From large charities to people setting up a social enterprise or helping out a local community group.

Media Trust

We provide charities and voluntary organisations with the skills they need to raise awareness of their cause and improve their communications, by bringing together media professionals with charities and voluntary organisations that want to improve the way they communicate.

How to Fundraise

Whether you're already a fundraiser looking for your next big idea or would like to make a difference but aren't sure where to start, there's a section of how2fundraise for you.

Law Works

LawWorks is a charity which aims to provide free legal help to individuals and community groups who cannot afford to pay for it and who are unable to access legal aid.  LawWorks also aims to provide a wide variety of pro bono opportunities to lawyers through our projects. Please click on the Lawyers tab above to find out more

Probono Economics

Pro Bono Economics is a new charity whose aim is to broker economists into the charitable sector to help on short and medium-term assignments, typically addressing questions around measurement, results and impact. Charitable work can have wider social and economic benefits. Quantitative evaluations by economists can help in measuring those benefits and in determining the most effective ways of channelling support to achieve them.

Voice4Change England (V4CE)

V4CE is a national support organisation for the Black and Minority Ethnic Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector (BME VCS). The BME VCS is made up of non-profit organisations. Their mission is to influence public policy which supports the aspirations of the BME VCS.


We work with community organisations and individuals in disadvantaged neighbourhoods to design and deliver innovative projects that act as catalysts for change. We empower communities through our community led approach.

Team London Bridge

Business-led and fully independent, Team London Bridge has been set up to manage a fund for organisations based in the London Bridge-Tower Bridge area. The fund is used to pay for services, projects and events that benefit businesses and employees located in the area.

Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO)

ACEVO are the leading voice for chief executives in the third sector. With over 2,000 members nationwide, they support, develop, connect and represent third sector leaders; offering a wide range of services.

National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)

NCVO aims to give a shared voice to voluntary organisations and to help them achieve the highest standards of practice and effectiveness in all areas of their work.


Interesting Reads

Evelyn Oldfield Unit

The Evelyn Oldfield Unit provides, develops and coordinates specialist support services for established refugee and migrant organisations in order to increase their capacity to meet the needs of their communities. Our team work collaboratively with both refugee and migrant community organisations and mainstream organisations to enable and enhance effective working practices and support to refugees and migrants.

The BIG Squeeze Campaign

London Voluntary Service Council (LVSC) and its partners are looking for evidence from voluntary and community organisations across London about the impact of the recession on the sector.

Crunch Time

NAVCA has published a report showing how the recession is affecting third sector organisations and the planning activities being carried out to build resilience.

Stories of Resilience

V4CE have published a study on inspirational responses to the recession from Black Minority Ethnic third sector. The study includes a range of case studies that tell stories of resilience at a time when demand on services is at it's highest, with dwindling access to resources and funding.