What is involved?

We match senior leaders from the public, private and voluntary sector with leaders of small charities or community groups based in London, who have an annual income of up to £500,000.  

We’ll assess the needs of the charity or community group and match them with a mentor who has expertise in that area. This might include support with:

  • Fundraising
  • Financial management
  • HR and staff management
  • Strategic planning
  • Communications and PR
  • Lobbying and influencing
  • Partnership working
  • Customer relations
  • Leadership skills
  • Project management

If you are unsure about your eligibility for the project do get in touch with the project coordinator, Claire.

How often do you meet?

You'll meet for a minimum of 24 hours over six months. We've learnt that this is how long it takes to really see the benefits. You'll talk, listen, learn and share all on a one-to-one basis.

What support will you get?

All participants in the programme come along to an induction session where they can find out more about the project and how it works. We also cover things like how to plan meetings, boundaries and confidentiality and provide you with resources like a handbook and an action plan template.

The project coordinator will be in touch with both of you regularly to check that the mentoring relationship is going well and you can contact her if you run into any problems along the way. We also provide resources to help you in your mentoring relationship and point you in the right direction if you need additional help.

How do you get matched?

Once you have had your induction we'll work out who to match you with. We’re careful about how we match people and do our best to get it right. We take into account areas of expertise and the organisation's needs but we also want people to get on well.

We've run Leaders Together before, focusing on supporting refugee community organisations. We've learnt a lot from it and made a few changes - making the project even better. Read more about the project (pdf) or take a look at our Evaluation Report.