Here is what a mentoring pair on the previous Digitall programme thought about their mentoring experience.  

Once Parents First has been underway for a while, we’ll add some case studies from the project here, so watch this space. In the meantime read about Grace and Caleb:

Anxious and with low self-esteem, Grace knew that she needed to keep developing her skills if she were to find a job.

A local initiative to help maximise job opportunities for local people told her about Digitall. This is another mentoring project, run by us, where young people (aged 18-25) mentor an unemployed parent to help them access the internet. With limited knowledge of how to use the computers Grace knew that it would be really helpful for her.

Commenting on why she thought Digitall would be good for her Grace says:

“I’ve dreamt about working with children since I was young and because kids now get taught IT at school I knew I had to learn about it too. Not only that but job applications are mainly done online and the fact that I have no knowledge of computers really limited my chances. I knew I had to do something about it but as a single mum I don’t have much spare time. When I heard about Digitall though, it sounded like the perfect opportunity.”

So she signed up and within a couple of weeks she was matched with Caleb, a 21-year old student from East London. She’s seen him four times now, for an hour and half each time. The project offers 12 hours of mentoring so she’s still got some more sessions left.

First Caleb found out what Grace’s personal goals were. She learnt about software, how to order things online and she even learnt how to type more quickly too.

 “I used to be really embarrassed when I went somewhere where I had to fill in forms online”, says Grace.  “I could only use one finger to type and always had to look down at the keypad. Now, thanks to Caleb, I can place two hands on the keypad and my confidence has grown so much.”

Next on the list is learning more about downloading forms and filling them in online. She’s also going to be learning about how to draft a letter on the computer. All these things should really benefit her when trying to secure a job.