Nectar staff volunteer to go back to school

Nectar staff volunteered to go back to school this week to transform a Brixton classroom into an inspiring reading space.

Working with the volunteering charity TimeBank, 18 members of Nectar’s marketing team took up the challenge to create a reading space for 7-8 years olds at Hill Mead Primary School in Brixton.

They worked with the school’s year 6 pupils, who provided the design inspiration. Then it was up to the volunteers to get creative and make it happen. In just two hours they agreed the design, went out into the local community to haggle for materials, improvised and created a great new space in the school where children can go to read.

Rob Compton of TimeBank said: “You can create a real passion for reading from a young age by providing a comfortable, relaxed and supportive setting. And I hope we’ve inspired a passion for volunteering among Nectar staff. I think this event has shown that not only is it fun, but it’s a fantastic way to build teams and make a long-lasting difference in your community.”

Richard West, Head of Hill Mead Primary School, said: “We were delighted to welcome the Nectar team to Hill Mead. They achieved so much in just a few hours.”

James Frost, Nectar Marketing Director, was one of the volunteers. He said: “This was a great way to kick off our Christmas celebrations. The children were full of ideas and set us a real challenge. We had to use our wits, improvise and discover skills we didn’t know we had. All the team are really proud of what we achieved and delighted by the response from both the children and teachers.”


For further information, contact: Julia Shipston at or tel: 020 3111 0721/0771 3163003

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