Ann, Nottingham

Ann Sanderson is 72 and lives in Cotgrave, Nottingham. Shevolunteers for Literacy Volunteers in Nottingham where she has been helping children to read for the last 16 years.


Ann volunteers for half a day a week with Literacy Volunteers, going into local primary schools and helping children learn to read.  Ann loves to help children with their reading as it’s always been a passion of hers and she wants to be able to pass it on to a younger generation.


Ann started volunteering in the 1990’s with Volunteer Reading Help, but unfortunately the Nottingham branch closed a few years ago. The volunteers that worked there knew that there was still a great need so they decided to set up a group on their own to continue to read to the children.  Ann now reads with a group of four or five children for the whole academic year, which means she’s able to monitor their progress and improvement.


She says,


“I enjoy seeing the children developing their reading skills. Sometimes children struggle to read but all they need is a little bit of confidence building and then they start to read very well.  I volunteer because it’s a lovely way to contribute something where the need exists.”