Daniel, Essex

Daniel played basketball since the age of 8 under a really inspirational coach who started his club 20 years ago in a church youth centre, before expanding into local primary schools. Daniel was really inspired by him and it became his ambition to do something similar!

Whilst studying at Loughborough University Daniel heard about Junction49, a youth project run by TimeBank to inspire and support young people to develop their own ideas for community projects. So he signed up

Daniel was part of the university basketball committee and his aim was to coach senior members of the uni basketball club to go out into the community and introduce primary children to the game of basketball, passing on their passion for the game and to give young people the opportunity to learn the skills of basketball, especially in schools that would not otherwise have the facilities and coaches to do so. In addition he wanted to run summer and Easter camps for children that wanted to develop their basketball skills and interests. With the support of Junction49, Daniel was able to turn his idea into reality. He signed up to the website, logged his idea and in no time Junction49 supported him by providing him with start up funding, which included money for equipment so that the project could be sustainable and ongoing and could branch out into more schools in the region. Junction49 also offered him one to one support through a dedicated support officer at the university who gave him regular advice and held weekly meetings.


With his passion for sports and after successfully completing his degree this year that focused a lot on sports psychology, Daniel is now looking to pursue a career in sports development and events. Knowing how hard it is to find work as a graduate at the moment, Daniel applied for a wide number of graduates schemes but didn’t even get any call backs – he came across an opportunity as a Volunteer Development Officer at PRO-ACTIVE London, a not for profit organisation that seeks to encourage increased participation in sport and physical activity throughout London. He jumped at the chance to apply and was offered the job thanks to his volunteering and his own project idea through Junction49. Despite it being unpaid, Daniel sees this job as a stepping stone to a paid job in sports events or development and is hopeful and sure that an opportunity will arise very soon.


“I was really worried about graduating this year because of all the talk of finding it so hard to secure a job. But as soon as I included the fact that I ran my own community project on my CV I started to get replies to applications. I was over the moon when I got offered the job at PRO-Active London which is all about getting more people active, and it was all down to running my own sports project, thanks to Junction49. It demonstrated my passion for sports and my commitment too. My ambition is to get into sports events and development – getting involved in work for The Olympics would be my dream - and even though this job at PRO-Active London isn’t paid, it’s providing me with the stepping stone to get to where I want to be.”