Suzanne, Leicester

Suzanne Fish,18, is from Knighton in Leicester. She's been volunteering with a community journalism project for the last six months.


Suzanne is part of a community journalism project with Voluntary Action Leicestershire, the volunteering centre for the city. She interviews Leicester residents about their experiences and helps keep the community archives up to date. The project is run by Voluntary Action Leicestershire and Suzanne is also part of a group of young people who advise the centre on how to listen to young people’s point of view.  


When not at college Suzanne goes into the centre to help them design attractive projects for young people. She gives them feedback on what they could do better to engage young people and helps them to find new ways of reaching out to a younger generation, such as getting online.


She says:

“Volunteering is a great way of getting to know your local community and feeling part of something bigger than yourself. It’s really important that young people’s voices are heard and volunteering gives me the chance to have that voice. I really enjoy the volunteering I do and think that everyone should do a little bit especially around Christmas as it’s all about giving something back.”